Looking to winterize your car? It’s an important step all motorists must take, but how do you go about it? Let’s look at how to winterize a car and make sure it’s safe to use, even in the darkest of winters. 5 Quick Tips on How to Winterize Your Car The thought of having car […]

Fall is the perfect time to run some basic safety checks on your car.  We want you to be ready for the months ahead, so we’ve made a list of some of the cleanup and maintenance tips you should be following.  Check out these fall cleanup and maintenance tips, courtesy of the experts in European […]

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Timing isn’t just something that you need to get right on your drive — when to stop, when to go and when to throw caution to the wind — it’s also important for your car’s engine. Engines depend on the timing belt to keep everything in sync and functioning normally, which can keep you safe […]

When your vehicle’s check engine light is on, it usually comes with a sinking feeling, because you don’t know the kind of problem that the light is indicating. The light could be indicating a very costly issue such as catalytic converter or a less troubling problem like loose glass cap. In most cases, the issue will require you take your car to a […]