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Quality Transmission Services in Austin, TX

One of the most complex systems to repair in a vehicle is the transmission. As soon as you notice any performance issues, we encourage you to choose the right repair shop. All repair shops are not created equally, and we stand head and shoulders above the others. Our top-of-the-line diagnostic equipment complements our extensive training and experience. Make us your automatic or manual transmission repair facility. All we need is your vehicle and your trust, our experts will handle the rest!

Transmission gears

Get your transmission repair services started off right with our service experts. Every quality auto repair starts with an accurate diagnosis from a qualified technician. The team at Edgestone Automotive maintains a commitment to excellence with all auto services, including its transmission repairs. Pay attention to your transmission’s response time, the efficiency of the gear shifting, fluid leaks, and strange noises.

These are just some of the most common performance issues for your transmission. The worst thing you can do is ignore the transmission’s warning signs. The best thing you can do is come to us first before you receive any expensive and time-consuming transmission repair to your vehicle. Our specialists are happy to be a second or third opinion because we know you’ll be getting the truth at the end of the day. If we’re your first option, you win again because you’ll prevent wasted time, stress, and a misdiagnosis. Give us a call or schedule online today!

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2 YEAR, 24,000 MILE

Trust is the most important part of any car repair experience, and all vehicle owners need a car repair shop they can trust. At Edgestone Automotive, we’re committed to our customers. Our mechanics give you clear answers so you can make wise auto repair decisions. Our family-owned auto repair shop has been serving Southwest Austin, TX, since 2013.

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