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The exhaust system plays multiple important roles in your vehicle, including quieting engine noise, removing toxic exhaust compounds, increasing power and efficiency, and moving harmful exhaust gasses away from the driver and passengers.

While a relatively simple system in terms of components and complexity, the exhaust system of a vehicle is not immune to developing issues or requiring occasional maintenance.

Porsche exhaust underside

Exhaust systems rely on an airtight path leading to the tailpipe, and leaks allowing fumes to exit the exhaust early will lead to a host of potential issues. Not only will these harmful fumes not be filtered by the catalytic converter, but the introduction of outside air into the system will cause incorrect readings by the oxygen sensors and lead to the ECU mistakenly adjusting the air/fuel mix to the improper ratio.

Pinpointing leaks or failures in the exhaust can be a difficult task, which is why it’s best to trust your diagnostics and repairs to a repair shop equipped with the proper tools and training for the job. At Edgestone Automotive in Austin, TX, our experienced technicians will ensure your exhaust system is properly sealed and all emissions components and sensors are operating correctly.

Don’t let exhaust issues linger! They may develop into severe cases causing misfires or decreased efficiency in your engine as well as an inability to pass emissions testing in necessary areas. Call or schedule online today with the experts at Edgestone in Southwest Austin!

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