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A service often forgotten (until it’s too late), it’s probably a good time to get your vehicle’s A/C checked out. You may be thinking, “Why? There’s nothing wrong with my air conditioning” – but we all know that car air conditioners always seem to malfunction at the worst time. When you’re not thinking about your heating or A/C, that’s when it stops working. Edgestone Automotive in Austin, TX has a team of A/C repair experts who are focused on both today’s and tomorrow’s A/C performance. Get your vehicle ready for the upcoming season by stopping by our shop for an A/C inspection service. 

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Before you hunker down for a long, brisk winter or a long, hot summer, you should make sure your cabin has the climate control that you need. A timely maintenance service will ensure you’re never left out in the cold, or the heat. Did you know that your air conditioner will also affect the efficiency of the gas mileage? A faulty A/C can be uncomfortable for both your passengers and your wallet. 

If you notice any problems with your vehicle’s A/C that are affecting your vehicle’s overall performance, let us provide a quick but thorough inspection. You’ll get all the correct answers you need.

The key to your enhanced driving experience is your vehicle’s fully operational A/C. If you have any issues with your vehicle’s air conditioning, we can fix them for good. Our experts are trained in proper diagnosis and service, ensuring efficient and timely repairs. When vehicle owners come to us first for car A/C repair, they expect the most effective and complete repair solutions. And that’s what we deliver. Cabin climate control is vital to your comfort and overall driving experience and that’s how we treat it. Drive away from our facility with all the comfort and confidence you need for consistent road travel. With 50+ years of combined automotive experience, our team stands proudly behind all of our A/C repairs.

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Trust is the most important part of any car repair experience, and all vehicle owners need a car repair shop they can trust. At Edgestone Automotive, we’re committed to our customers. Our mechanics give you clear answers so you can make wise auto repair decisions. Our family-owned auto repair shop has been serving Southwest Austin, TX, since 2013.

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