The Benefits of Tire Rotation and Replacement

Replacing and rotating your tires periodically is essential when it comes to the maintenance and safety of your vehicle. It is recommended that you rotate your tires every 6 months or each time you change your vehicle’s oil.

Basic auto maintenance and repair has to include the tires. Unfortunately, not many vehicle owners consider the service until it becomes compulsory. Although changing your engine oil is important to keep the car working smoothly and efficiently, tires are actually what allows the car to move. Without tires, the car is going nowhere, hence the need to consider tire service. What are the benefits of rotating and replacing your vehicle’s tires? Let’s get to it!

    • Better Experience – If you have been driving your vehicle with old tires, just try to change them and see the radical difference it will bring to the car control, grab and the overall smoothness. With a simple tire service, driving is quieter and smoother. So if you drive your car regularly, make sure you include tire service in your routine maintenance.
    • Minimize Vibration and Noise – When your tires feature uneven wear, it tends to increase your vehicle vibration, which is mostly noticed in the steering wheel.  The noise will also increase when your tires are not evenly worn, so rotating or replacing your tires is the only way to alleviate the two issues.
    • Money Saver – Rotating and replacing your tires also saves money. When you rotate your tires regularly, your tires will last longer and you will be able to drive your car without the fear of tire bursting. You may not need to replace them often if you are rotating them regularly, which can help you keep automotive costs down.
    • Better Traction – This one is a no brainer, especially for experienced drivers or car owners, but it’s one of the top benefits you can get from tire service. Let the expert point out the perfect tires for you, whether performance-based or weather based.
    • Better Mileage – If you want to get the most out of your tires and gas, the routine rotations are key.


Next time you are taking your car for an oil change or any other routine service, be sure one of our Edgestone Automotive technicians inspects your tires.