The Benefits of Routine Oil Changes

Top Benefits Of Regular Oil Changes

Top Benefits of Regular Oil Changes

The easiest way to extend the life of your vehicle is to get frequent oil changes. In fact, changing your oil regularly will save you from the inconvenience that comes with breakdowns and repairs. This is one of the most important routine maintenance to keep your car running efficiently and smoothly.

Despite the fact that oil changes are critical to overall engine health, some drivers see it as something that is not important. But one thing is sure; if you are not doing routine oil changes, your vehicle’s engine could suffer failure and reduce its lifespan. Getting your vehicle’s oil changed will cost approximately $180/year while you have to spend thousands to replace your engine. Which one would you choose? If you are still not convinced, here are the benefits you can get from regular oil changes:

  1. Better engine performance – Oil lubricates the internal moving parts of the vehicle’s engine to keep it clean so that you can have a quieter and smoother ride. It means when you change your oil regularly, your engine will be cleaner and well-lubricated.
  2. Extend Your Vehicle’s life – Of course, nothing lasts forever because your vehicle will eventually reach the end of its life. But you can delay the inevitable by changing your oil regularly.
  3. Less Harmful Emissions – Older vehicles sometimes burn old and dirty oil, causing noxious engine emissions. When the oil is fresh, your vehicle is less likely to burn, limiting the pollution it can cause.
  4. Keeps debris and dirt from building up – It is certain that old oil will have junk and debris in it and it can cause damage to parts of your engine. Changing the filter and oil will help you keep those nasty particles out of your engine so that it can work perfectly without polluting the air. However, using quality oil is vital because the higher the quality, the cleaner the engine will be.

As you can see, regular oil changes are highly beneficial to the overall health of your vehicle’s engine. The next time your car or truck is due, bring it to Edgestone Automotive for quick, convenient oil changes!

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