Need Audi Car Repair? Common Issues To Be Aware Of

As one of the preeminent luxury sport car makers in the world, Audi is more than a brand, it’s an experience. But if your Audi needs repair, that can make owning an Audi more of a problem than anything else, especially if you’re dealing with one nagging issue after another, or if a long-standing problem won’t leave you alone. 

That said, Audis are known as being reliable performance machines, so you shouldn’t have to spend as much time with your vehicle in the shop than other brands that may be more prone to failure. But you will have to keep an eye out and take your Audi car in for maintenance and repair periodically. 

Here are some common problems that you could be facing as an Audi owner.

Electrical Problems

No modern car is immune to electrical problems. That’s because today’s cars have complicated computers that help manage things from engine timing to fuel flow and handling, as well as digital dashboards that are essentially computer screens — and it’s only a matter of time before your Audi car needs repairs that have to do with the electrical system. The good news is that Audi provides a warranty to cover defects with the digital display and the electrical system, but if your warranty has expired you’ll have to book something at a local Audi repair shop in Austin, TX.

Oil Leaks

Gas cars with engines that rely on oil to keep them operating in an efficient and safe temperature and friction range are common. But with that oil comes oil leaks when certain seals and pumps may not be operating correctly. With Audis, leaks commonly occur in two areas: the camshaft tensioner and the valve cover gasket. Most times, this is a result of simple wear and tear, though damage to your engine or the oil pan can also cause bigger problems.

Spark Plug or Ignition Coil Problems

Spark plugs and ignition coils are responsible for starting the car when you use the key or push the start button. If they’re not working correctly, you could end up being stranded or unable to leave the house if you’re one of the lucky ones and it happens at home. Unfortunately, problems with the ignition coil are common, which may mean that you’ll need to take your Audi in for car repair sooner rather than later. Even if it hasn’t failed yet, a failing ignition coil can lead to engine misfires and a general loss of power, as well as a rough idle or the dreaded check engine light.

Faulty Catalytic Converters

The catalytic converter is responsible for ensuring that your car passes SMOG and is able to legally be driven. But if there’s an issue with your catalytic converter, you’ll need to take your Audi in for car repairs because a problem with the catalytic converter can be tricky to diagnose and fix. In fact, even replacing the converter outright may not solve the problem — there could be other problems lingering with your emission system.

Loose Fuel Caps

While it’s certainly not an emergency, a loose fuel cap can rob your Audi of power and MPG if it isn’t addressed. Left long enough, it can cause other problems with your engine, and that can represent a significant repair bill or even replacement.

If you’re facing any issues with your Audi and are in need of car repair, look to the European auto repair experts at Edgestone Automotive in Austin, TX. Bring in your Audi today for a comprehensive diagnostic.