Most Common Problems for BMWs and How To Prevent Them

Driving a BMW can be one of life’s little pleasures. But if your BMW is having problems, you could be looking at expensive BMW repairs to keep that car on the road. Many BMW owners consider this part of the cost of owning and maintaining an elite driving machine, but if you’re a new BMW owner, there are some common BMW problems that could surprise you.

That said, BMWs are some of the best-selling cars in Europe and in the U.S., and the automaker’s reputation for design and engineering helps keep these European darlings top of mind for anyone that wants a pure driving experience, as well as a standard of luxury to match. But BMWs aren’t without their flaws. BMW auto repairs can be expensive and require the experience of a competent mechanic, even if some of the failure points are a bit predictable. Here’s what to look out for.

Poor Cooling Systems

Anyone who has owned a BMW knows that you’ll likely have to replace or repair the cooling system in your BMW at some point during ownership. While it’s one of the most important components of any vehicle — it keeps the car’s engine from overheating — BMWs are notorious for cooling failures, which can leave you stranded far from home if you’re not careful. To avoid this, ensure that your cooling system is maintained and serviced at regular intervals, and to consider full replacement if your vehicle is nearing the 100k mile mark.

Heater Core Problems

Aside from issues with the cooling system, another common BMW repair is the vehicle’s heater core. It’s often closely related to cooling, so if your car’s heating is not producing enough heat or is producing much more than usual, it could be a sign that your cooling system is about to go. Other signs include odd smells from your vents — particularly a sweet smell — which means there’s a coolant leak and coolant may have found its way into the heater core.

Stuck Electric Windows

On the interior, common BMW repairs include issues with the electric windows, which may render your window inoperable or worse — unable to close. That may not be a huge issue if you have a safe and secure garage to store your car in, but if you park on the street or in a shared lot, that could expose you to theft or other issues if your BMW lacks reliable window mechanisms that shut tight. The tell-tale sign of a failing window is typically clicking as the window is operated, though some BMW electric windows may fail without warning.

Leaky Oil Filters

Many BMWs also suffer from a leaky oil filter gasket, which is responsible for connecting the oil filter to the rest of the engine parts that need oil. When the gasket starts leaking, it reduces the oil available to the engine and other parts, which can promote failure and other issues over time. Not only will the oil filter gasket likely become brittle and damaged, but parts that rely on the constant and consistent delivery of oil will also tend to fail. The kicker is that replacing the gasket is a negligible cost, though leaving it for too long could mean a large repair bill for your BMW.

If you’re concerned about your BMW and want to get ahead of any BMW repairs before they become too complicated and expensive, go with the BMW and European car repair experts at Edgestone Automotive. Our comprehensive services can get your vehicle back on the road for less than you might think. Contact us today!