Everything You Need to Know About A/C Repair

Car A/C Services

Is your car’s A/C broken? Air conditioner problems certainly aren’t fun, especially if they come during the peak of summer in Austin, Texas. Edgestone Automotive has seen our fair share of unhappy units and equally unhappy drivers. They need A/C repair and they want to know what’s going on with their vehicle. To help our customers better understand their vehicle’s A/C system, we are breaking down our A/C repair services.

Common Problems

Unfortunately, vehicle A/C problems aren’t uncommon. Our technicians use these symptoms to determine the exact cause and proper solution for precise repairs. You may have noticed these signs of failure in your own vehicle. Some common issues we see include:

  • Only Hot Air Blowing Out of A/C
  • Weak Pressure When Air Blows Out
  • No Air Blowing At All

Get Professional Help

If you experience one of these problems, your A/C needs professional attention. A cracked o-ring seal, a worn out filter, loose wire, or excessive engine heat could be causing a Freon leak. Freon is a halocarbon and refrigerant that regulates the temperature inside your car. If it’s leaking, your cabin won’t stay cool! Our technicians determine the exact cause to ensure our repairs fix the problem once and for all. How do we do it? We take hints from problematic behaviors and combine our thorough knowledge of the air conditioning system to identify the cause. Our technicians check the following components:

  • O-Rings, Seals, & Hoses
  • Compressor & Compressor Clutch
  • Condenser & Evaporator
  • Switches, Controls, & Electrical Components
  • Blower Motor

Feel Cool Results!

With all this information about A/C services at Edgestone Automotive, drivers can decipher exactly what their vehicle needs. If your car is due for A/C service, visit our shop today! We provide relief from the heat. Whether your car’s unit has failed completely, is blowing weakly, or blowing out hot air, we can get it back to its proper function.