Common Problems with Fiats and What to Look Out For

Italian carmaker Fiat generally produces reliable, and in the case of the 500, iconic cars. However, as with any make of car, there are some common problems that Fiats suffer from. 

Of course, these issues don’t plague every Fiat model out there, but if something does go wrong, then it’s likely to be one of these issues. If these problems sound familiar, then check out our expert Fiat car repair services!

Diesel Head Gasket Failure 

This has been a common problem with Fiat 500s that pre-date 2008. Dealers were required to replace the diesel head gasket on many models, causing plenty of inconvenience to their owners. 

The diesel head gasket issue appears to have been fixed on modern models, but if you’ve got an older version, then it’s well worth getting the gasket checked as it’s one of the common problems for Fiats.

Power Problems 

This issue picked up a fair bit of publicity as it meant some Fiat 500 models struggled to make it up hills. A problem with the software meant the car couldn’t produce enough power – not exactly what you want when you’re going up a steep hill. 

The power problems tended to occur on the 1.6l models from 2014 and 2015, so if you own one of these cars, then it’s worth taking it to a Fiar car repair garage to get it looked at. 

Power Steering 

One area where you don’t want to be suffering problems is with your steering. Unfortunately, in some models, faulty wiring in the power steering made the steering heavy and more difficult to control.

fiat car repair- power steering problems

If your steering doesn’t feel as smooth as normal, then it’s always worth taking your car to get checked out. A specialist Fiat car repair company can make sure everything is in perfect working order and safe to drive.

Overheating with Time 

It’s not uncommon for Fiat 500s to suffer from engine overheating issues as they age. This is a common problem for Fiats and one that you want to be on the lookout for. 

This is generally caused by a coolant leak and will show as a warning on your dash and you might even see white smoke coming from the exhaust. If this is the case, then pull over immediately, and allow the engine to cool down. 

Oil Warning Light 

Fiat owners commonly report that the oil warning light momentarily flashes on and off. This normally isn’t related to the oil at all, and instead is a sensor problem. If your oil warning light does intermittently flash on and off, then take it to a Fiar car repair service and they can reset the ECU for you. 

Conclusion: Common Problems for Fiats

When you read these lists of common problems, it can make a car seem like it’s riddled with faults. This isn’t the case though and these are just the most common problems that affect a small number of cars. 

In general, Fiat makes reliable cars that lots of people enjoy, but if you do suspect something is wrong with yours, then speak to your Fiat car repair specialists – Edgestone Automotive.

Give us a call or schedule an appointment online for questions about your Fiat!