Common Mercedes Auto Repair Problems and How To Prevent Them

Mercedes auto repair

Mercedes is one of the most recognizable car brands in the world. Synonymous with luxury and performance, many people would never drive anything but a Mercedes, though ownership certainly isn’t without its drawbacks. If your Mercedes does need auto repair, it won’t be as cheap as a domestic car to fix, but that’s one of the costs associated with owning a Mercedes. That said, it’s not like your Mercedes will fall apart on you the second the warranty expires, though it is a good idea to budget some money for maintaining your Mercedes.

The good news is that by knowing the common failure points, you’ll be able to adequately stay on top of your Mercedes maintenance by bringing it in for auto repair whenever you notice an issue. Because the failure points are well known, your local European auto repair shop in Austin, TX will know just what to look at first, saving you time and money in diagnostics.

Engine Mount Issues

One of the most common issues with Mercs is that after about 100,000 miles or so, the engine mounts may start to loosen and eventually wobble, needing replacement. It starts from simple vibrations from  the engine, but after many years the mounts are no longer able to keep the vibrations in check and they’ll start to fail. If you’ve noticed excessive vibration in the cabin when the car is running or shaking in the steering wheel, you could be looking at an engine mount issue. To get it resolved safely and quickly, it’s important to bring your Mercedes into a qualified auto repair shop.

Window Switch Failures

While power windows are a great way to avoid the old roll-up window dance with manual windows, the window regulators found on Mercedes-Benzes are known to commonly fail. Sure, that window up-or-down button can fail on any car or brand, but they’re more common with ML- and C-class Mercs. Fortunately, the window regulators or switches are easily replaced, though it’s important to use certified regulators or OEM parts unless you want to deal with another issue down the line.

Rust and Wear

Known for their reliability, some Mercs just run forever. In fact, some diesel models such as the 240D have been run for a million miles or more with proper maintenance and repair. While you may not be trying to run up a million miles on your Mercedes, 100k, 200k or even 300k isn’t out of the question. However, when you start running a car for that long, you’re bound to run into rust and other wear. Particularly if you live in an area that salts their roads during the winter snows, any car that’s pushing 100k or more miles should be inspected for rust and other issues before they become safety hazards and serious problems.

Transmission Problems

Even if you don’t plan on running your Mercedes for hundreds of thousands of miles, another common Mercedes auto repair issue is a problem with the transmission, more specifically the 13-pin electrical connector and the valve body. Since the transmission sits in fluid, those common failure points can lead to transmission leaks that eventually end up damaging the transmission control module. These and other problems can lead to issues shifting, as well as knocking or banging sounds. 

If you’re having any of these issues or if there’s something else keeping you up at night about your Mercedes, bring your car into the European auto repair experts at Edgestone Automotive in Austin, TX. We’ve been working on Mercedes-Benzes for years, and we have the expertise and know-how to get you and your car back on the road.