Benefits of an Oil Change in Austin, Texas

Whether you have an old or new car, regular maintenance is an important component of keeping your vehicle on the road. No matter what make or model you drive, oil is as essential as the gas you use to fill up the tank, especially in the long run. That’s because oil is a helpful lubricant that keeps your engine from disintegrating amongst the stress and rigors of the road — and regular oil changes ensures that your car’s engine will be able to last and stand the test of time.

Reason #1: Keep Your Engine Running

The number one reason to get an oil change in Austin, Texas is keep your engine running smoothly. Without fresh oil, your engine’s many moving parts would quickly grind to a halt under the extreme forces and temperatures at play. It’s the oil that keeps your engine’s metal parts from rubbing and damaging each other, as well as from being damaged by dust and other debris that eventually works its way into your finely tuned engine. 

The problem is that over time, your engine’s oil degrades and picks up more of this gunk, reducing the ability of the oil to lubricate and protect your engine. An engine oil change remedies this with fresh oil for your hard-working engine, protecting all its parts from wear and tear.

Reason #2: Improve Your Gas Mileage

While most drivers know that regular oil changes are an important part of car ownership, did you know that an oil change for your Austin, Texas car can give you better gas mileage? It’s because engines are able to run more smoothly when there’s lots of fresh oil inside, enabling better gas mileage no matter what type of car or truck you drive. 

For those that manage fleets or that oversee a group of work vehicles, frequent oil changes can have an outsized impact on your bottom line. Since gas is often the number one expense in owning and driving a vehicle over its lifetime, staying on top of your oil changes can add up to a substantial amount when you’re looking at a handful or dozens of vehicles.

Reason #3: Extend the Life of Your Vehicle

As the beating heart of any gas-powered vehicle, your car’s engine deserves the best oil change service in Austin that you can find. After all, a properly maintained engine will likely outlast the utility of your automobile itself, especially if you stay on top of all the common maintenance points. By reducing the chance of damage from friction and heat, fresh oil will keep your engine’s many moving parts in good shape for as long as you take care of them, particularly big ticket items like your pistons and the engine block. Without proper maintenance, you could be facing an expensive engine overhaul or even worse — replacement.

Reason #4: Keep Your Warranty in Good Standing

Most car warranties today include provisions for abiding by dealer-recommended maintenance schedules. If your car is under warranty, you’ll need to stay on top of oil changes for your Austin, Texas vehicle unless you want to be on the hook financially the next time something goes wrong. Just one missed oil change can be enough to jeopardize your expensive warranty, so don’t risk it.

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