6 Most Common Problems with Land Rovers

Land Rover produces some great cars. They’re popular throughout the world and for good reason. They’re luxurious, have great off-roading capabilities, and they’ve got a certain vibe that owners love. 

However, there are some common problems with Land Rovers that you need to keep in mind. Make sure you’re regularly getting your car checked by a Land Rover repair and maintenance specialist in Austin, TX, and you can keep on top of these problems. 

Air Suspension Problems

One of the most common problems Land Rover owners face is air suspension problems. 

The air suspensions on Land Rovers are great – they’re part of the reason you get such a comfortable ride, but…. it’s generally one of the first things to go wrong. After about six years, the suspension can start to sag, and this can be a big fix. 

Before this happens, it’s best to get your car checked out by a reliable Land Rover repair and maintenance provider in Austin TX (here’s how to find the right auto repair shop).

Head Gasket Failure 

Another problem that’s commonly found on Land Rovers is head gasket failure. This was particularly troublesome on Discovery’s made between 1989 and 2004, but it’s still something to watch out for. 

When your head gasket fails, it’s going to result in oil or coolant loss, and if not quickly fixed, then it can lead to more serious engine damage. 

Electrical Problems 

Luxury cars such as Land Rovers have lots of electrical elements working together to boost their performance (offroad capabilities, comfort, etc.) Unfortunately, the electrics in Land Rovers can be temperamental, requiring a good standard of maintenance to keep everything running as it should be. 

A European auto maintenance garage will have plenty of experience with Land Rovers and be able to pinpoint any electrical faults before they become big issues. 

Brake Pad Wear

Given the weight of your average Land Rover, it’s not too surprising that the brake pads get plenty of wear. With some Discovery models, the weight distribution also exacerbates this problem, leading to premature brake pad wear. 

With most vehicles, you can expect to change your brake pads every 50,000 miles, but with some Land Rovers, that number’s more like 30,000. With our brake service, you can make sure your brakes are up to scratch and doing their job properly. 

Steering Shaft Problems

The steering system is made up of the shaft, wheel, and rack, and they all come together to create a smooth driving experience. This allows the car to go where you point it, but when you have steering shaft problems, you might hear a loud noise, particularly when turning at low speeds. 

This seems to be a more common problem on Land Rovers, so if you hear any strange noises when turning at low speeds, head to a Land Rover repair and maintenance in Austin, TX.

Airbag Malfunctions

Land Rover suffered big problems from a bad batch of airbags which resulted in a major recall. This affected a vast array of models, causing airbags to deploy with too much explosive force, sometimes with terrible consequences. 

If you’re not sure about your Land Rover’s airbags, then it’s best to get them checked out by a professional. 

Edgestone European Auto Repair in Austin, Texas

Take your Land Rover to mechanics with experience in European cars. At Edgestone Automotive, we know the ins and outs of Land Rovers and other major European brands, and we can get your car back to its very best. 

Land Rovers are undoubtedly great cars, but they do suffer from the odd mechanical problem, so it’s best to focus on your maintenance and get your car serviced by the experts. 

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