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The vehicle’s most important safety component is the braking system. No other vehicle component matters if the brakes aren’t working properly. That’s how important your brake check, brake maintenance, and brake repair services are to us. Find out what condition your brakes are in so that we can start performing whatever adjustments are necessary. Pay attention to the early warning signs and bring your vehicle to us if you’re noticing a performance issue. These early warning signs will typically be audible in the beginning. Most of us have heard the high-pitched squealing noise when we apply our brakes. Or we’ve heard it coming from other vehicles as they slow down. This may not be an emergency yet, but it’s definitely an early alert to let you know you need to come to Edgestone Automotive in Austin, TX. Our brake service experts will provide a quick but thorough brake inspection that lets you know if brake repairs are an immediate need. We can also let you know when you should return to us for a complete brake repair service.

We Fix Hard, Soft & Slow Brakes

When you don’t respond to the squealing sound, the brakes will eventually have a scraping sound (like sandpaper) every time you press the brake pedal. Drivers should definitely treat this like an emergency. This indicates that the brake pads have worn down, and you run the risk of causing damage to the rotors. Brake rotor replacements will turn into an unnecessary expense if you delay your brake service for too long. Warning signs can also be felt as you drive. For instance, if you feel a slight shudder or vibration in the pedal when you slow down, this indicates that you need a brake service. This vibration may also be felt in the steering wheel. If you’re feeling an abnormal response in the steering wheel or brake pedal, you need to come to Edgestone Automotive. Our brake repair experts will get you back on the road in no time. You’ll return to safe, comfortable, and confident driving.

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Our team wants you to know how safe your driving experiences are today. There’s no way to know the true condition of your brakes without a thorough inspection. We make sure you stay ahead of any costly brake repairs with our timely brake check services. As soon as you notice a performance issue, let us have a look. Our specialists can perform complete brake system repairs for all brake components. Give us a call today at 512-551-1525 to schedule your next brake service appointment. You can also save time by using our convenient online scheduling system.